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Improve profit margins by 300+ basis points

Identify and stop price, cost, margin and revenue leakages

Improve sales by 200+ basis points beyond current growth rate


Manufacturers and distributors make sub-optimal decisions related to pricing, product, margin and sales growth everyday
In the current high inflationary environment, lack of granular, end-to-end transparency of performance drivers means you are leaving millions on the table​

Resource limitations to bring various data elements together and build cutting edge analytics should no longer be a showstopper

Through pre-configured yet flexible analytics and data engineering, MarginQube delivers transformation and value 5X faster

With MarginQube in your hand, you can rise above your competition

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Like the 'Must-Ask' questions below . . . 
Profitable Customer .png
Which customers are profitable? Which ones are not and why?
Which products are profitable? Which ones are not and why?
Which products are growing? How much and where?
segment growth.png
Which segments are driving growth? How much and where?
Product assets-05.png

MarginQube instantly brings granular, end-to-end transparency to volume, sales, product mix, price, costs and margin drivers 

Not just on a one-off basis... Everyday.. Every week... Every month


MarginQube integrates enterprise wide data from various systems to answer critical business questions

price expanding.png
Where are price and margins expanding or eroding?
raise price.png
Where should you raise prices and where should you not?
Are price increases resulting in desired margin expansion?
Which cost needs to be controlled to achieve margin targets for a customer ?
Which customers are at risk of being lost?
Are discount / rebate levels appropriate for a given customer?
Which account manager is driving volume and margin growth?
Who are the underperforming sales managers?
How have customers and product margins evolved over time? 
What caused changes to customer or product revenues between quarters?
Which territories / customers should you invest behind and which ones should you not?
How much profit improvement potential is there in your business? Where?
Answer many more of these critical business questions with MarginQube to drive improvements
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