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Core Analytics Areas

  1. Growth Drivers

  2. Price Metrics

  3. Profit Analytics

  4. Money Makers

  5. Loss Makers

  6. Sales Team Performance

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Growth Drivers

Track top line at various levels of granularity


Compare performance over time periods  


Compare performance against budget forecasts


Identify growth drivers and roadblocks

Spot at-risk customers


Price Metrics

Monitor granular net price movements


Track rebate and discount levels


Pinpoint price erosion or expansion


Evaluate pricing power versus cost movements


Identify price outliers

Pricing Metrics.png
Profit Analytics.png

Profit Analytics

Allocate fixed, overhead and SGA costs


Create end-to-end P&L down to item level


Slice-and-dice profit data in many dimensions

Understand price/mix/volume dynamics

Spot margin improvement opportunities

Money Makers

Identify customers / products enhancing revenues

Spot customers / products enhancing profits

Drive account growth plans

Calibrate your investments

Money Makers.png
Loss Makers - 2.png

Loss Makers

Know customers / products that are declining

Identify products / customers that are eroding profits


Investigate drivers of decline / erosion


Prepare remedial actions to recover position


Performance manage account teams


Sales Team Performance

Compare performance by divisions, geographies and sales territories

Monitor performance by individual account managers

Identify top and bottom quartile performers by revenue, profits and growth

Align performance with commissions / incentive plans


Sales Team Performance - 1.png
Admin Landing.png

Admin Features

Easy user onboarding and secure logins

Control access rights and privileges

Flexibility to configure to your business model

Instant, custom data templates for your business

Automated data cleansing and validation

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